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Anil Patil and Al Etmanski
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Who cares? Carers on the global agenda

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Al Etmanski and Anil Patil are two social entrepreneurs from opposite ends of the earth who have arrived at the same conclusion. Whether in North America or South Asia, the picture of “natural carers” is remarkably similar — friends and family who take on the duty of caring for someone who is ill, disabled, or aged — often with little recognition or support from formal health systems and policymakers.

With the trend towards living longer and a general aging of the population, the role of carers will only increase in the coming decades. It’s time, Al and Anil tell Martha Deevy of Stanford’s Center on Longevity, to reimagine the vital role of carers and put carers on the global agenda. Watch the full conversation in our Welcome Change series! Here are a few highlights.

Anil Patil

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2015

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Every day, everywhere, people are engaged in taking care of each other, Al Etmanski reminds us. Let’s design policy from a starting point of abundance, not scarcity.