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Table for Ten: Social entrepreneurs take on longevity and aging

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Talking to a social entrepreneur usually leaves you with mind-bending ideas, double your daily dose of inspiration, and an itch to join in and take action. But what happens when you bring ten social entrepreneurs together for one joint conversation? Or better yet, ten conversations?

When Ashoka’s Next Now: Aging team set out to learn how social entrepreneurs are addressing and anticipating our most urgent aging challenges, the concept of a weekly “Roundtable” took shape. (More on that here). Every week, Ashoka Fellows shared how they are working to drastically improve our experience of aging—and dialogued with peers seeking to do the same. Half the time was spent listening, half in conversation.

Here’s a peak into the room to meet ten Ashoka Fellows and discover how they’re working towards a future where no one is left behind.

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It’s clear from these snapshots that our world’s leading changemakers are already rewriting the narrative around aging—working towards intergenerational harmony, dignity and purpose for all seniors.