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Tim Lampkin
Source: Higher Purpose

Building community wealth across the Mississippi Delta

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ocial entrepreneur Tim Lampkin founded Higher Purpose Co. (HPC) five years ago to build community wealth and resource a network of Black entrepreneurs, artists, and farmers across the Mississippi Delta in the U.S. Working now with 200 entrepreneurs and business owners — many of them Black women — Tim and his team are creating a vibrant changemaker culture with deep roots in the region and a future economy that works for everyone.

Ashoka’s Marc Carr spoke with Tim last week at Welcome Change, Ashoka’s weekly news series with the world’s social entrepreneurs. Watch the full conversation. Here are a few highlights.

Tim Lampkin

Elected in Jan 2021

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Entrepreneurship may be trendy, but let’s keep a long-term vision and prioritize business ownership and asset building, Tim says. That’s the way to close the racial wealth gap.