The World Humans Live In, Today or The Problem

This is a global wake-up call on the urgency of rebalancing the planet. 

Each point on the map represent a thermal anomaly within a spatial resolution of 1km^2. The fire point location doesn't always mean one fire instance on the ground; instead, it could be a cluster center of the area under fire.

Increased temperatures, floods, hurricanes came first, then came the jargon – decarbonisation, energy security, and carbon footprints.  

Is it nature, the economic systems, or human beings? Who’s accountable? Humans, we’d say.  

And as humans, we have deluded ourselves into thinking we are above, superior to, and even independent of and from nature.  

Ashoka’s Fellows for the Climate and the Planet

At Ashoka, the goal is to create a world-leading community of changemakers who strive to drive paradigm shifts in the planet and climate fields.


For over 40 years, Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs, called Ashoka Fellows, have been pioneering change in the climate change sector by changing solutions across sectors and encouraging changes in economic policies. With a network of social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial skills, and the will to challenge norms to accelerate societal and behavioural change, the Fellows are a network of influential change leaders.  

As we look at the evolution of the relationship between humanity and our planet, the need for everyone to recognize the need for change and steer this change for the good of all is the most viable pathway to the world environmental vitality and dignity for all.  

With the combined will of those at the Woka Foundation, Ashoka Young Changemakers and the Ashoka Foundation, there’s a unique opportunity to empower and connect these social entrepreneurs and the youth to rebalance people and the planet.  

The Revolution: Ashoka’s Jiujitsu Strategy

Currently, Ashoka is rapidly advancing a shift in the way the society defines success in growing up - to prioritize empathy and changemaking – by galvanizing with the help of Jiujitsu Partners and Ashoka Fellows, to shift the education systems, ways of parenting, and role of the youth in the society.  


The Jiujitsu Partners at Ashoka are the influencers of the society who can alter the social demand through a strategically directed effort to use leverage and tip the system towards a new reality.  

The Jiujitsu Partners and Ashoka Fellows are currently working towards identifying the mindset shift that will entail the fundamental relationship that will rebalance the scales of humanity and the planet. From the initial analysis of their combined work in the community across environmental and climate change, an emerging pattern is a shift from individualistic solutions to a more focused decision-making system that guides billions of people.  

So far, the combined consensus has been that to reverse climate change, we have to embed the thought at all levels of the society – starting by identifying the leading social entrepreneurs in the field and teaming them up with the Jiujitsu partners to achieve the collecting goal.  

The Resolution: Goals and Expected Impact

This is a global wake-up call on the urgency of rebalancing the planet. The goal of our climate commitment is to create new frameworks that will disrupt the process and enable the world to move quickly towards a rebalanced relationship with our planet.   

Good Energies

The goal is to grow the network of powerful social entrepreneurs and young changemakers to accelerate societal and social change and the urgency to take action. To drive the effort, Ashoka aims to identify, collaborate, and nurture the most important ideas and entrepreneurs and to bring the powerful forces that drive change together, in order to change the frameworks of thinking, analysing and decision-making, uniquely and successfully.  

At Ashoka, we are building future leaders in the environmental movement. An alliance between our systems-changing social entrepreneurs and the actions of our leading young changemakers. Together, they will bring about a new way of seeing the field of the planet and climate.  

The ability to see differently will help us to do differently.