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Sunit Shrestha

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2009

Sunit Shrestha is encouraging young people to engage in social sector work in Thailand and across South and Southeast Asia. By providing integrated support and advocating institutional changes, Sunit is creating a space for youth-led social enterprises in the mainstream economy. Read more
Kailash Satyarthi is fighting the use of child labor by creating domestic and international consumer resistance to products made by bonded children, as well as with direct legal and advocacy work. Through a number of training programs, he also helps children sold to pay their parents' debts to find... Read more

Subroto Das

Ashoka Fellow since May 2004


Dr Subroto Das, winner of one of India’s highest civilian awards, Padma Shri for his work on Highway Trauma Care, co-founded Lifeline Foundation along with his wife, Sushmita (after surviving a life-threatening accident in August, 1999 on one of India’s busiest highways), with the aim of reducing...

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Shoaib Sultan Khan

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2009

Shoaib is breaking the cycle of poverty in the rural communities of Pakistan. In 1982, he established the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (RSP), a citizen sector organization that targets poverty-stricken villages and engages their inhabitants in development programs, with a larger goal of involving... Read more
Vyjayanthi is a pioneer in designing and conducting large-scale diagnostic assessments that uncovers rote learning among students in India and Bhutan. She is now cloning and making accessible, her highly sophisticated tool and approach, that not only empowers any teacher or school to gain critical... Read more

Teesta Setalvad

Ashoka Fellow since Jun 2003

To transform Indian schools from being perpetrators of bias and prejudice to becoming fighters for justice and equality, Teesta Setalvad has launched the country's first educational curriculum to help children engage with various contemporary human rights and social issues in the classroom. Read more

Ajmal Kamal

Ashoka Fellow since May 2002

Ajmal Kamal is providing a forum for Pakistanis of all backgrounds and classes to learn about and discuss pressing issues facing the country. Read more

Muhammad-Ayub Pathan

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2013

In Thailand’s Deep South, Muhammad Ayub Pathan is empowering the silent majority to speak up for peace in the face of violent armed conflict. By broadening the participation of stakeholders, including women, youth, and both extremes of the conflict, Muhammad-Ayub is enabling communities affected by... Read more

Roland Martins

Ashoka Fellow since Aug 2000

In Goa, an international tourist hotspot, Roland Martins is training small service providers in the tourism industry to organize trade associations to ensure that tourism revenues filter back into the local economy. He is also forging alliances among small service providers, the middle classes of... Read more

Asher Hasan

Ashoka Fellow since Jan 2011

United States
Starting in Pakistan, Asher Hasan is providing quality, private health insurance to low-income workers in the emerging economies through an approach that distributes cost and social responsibility among several stakeholders affiliated with low-income beneficiaries. Read more