Ammara R.

Ashoka Young Changemaker
Ammara AYC Indonesiaa
Elected in 2021

About Ammara R.

Ammara is improving rural livelihood in Baturaden through sustainable farming education and entrepreneurship.

Growing up in a farming region of Baturaden, agriculture has been failing to lead farmers to prosperity. On one side, farmers have used unsustainable way of growing agricultural products that deteriorate nature. On another side, distribution and marketing has not been planned thoroughly. Called by a motivation to improve this reality, Ammara created Batuva to improve the value and quality of agricultural products in Baturaden. Through Batuva, Ammara engaged farmers in peer-learning program that enable them to learn from other farmers' best practices. Batuva also helps farmers with better packaging and marketing strategy for their products. Ammara believes that education and collaboration can improve rural livelihood and preserve the main source of life; the nature.