Development phase in the Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft program

Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft educators and mentors
Source: Green Lab

We kicked off the Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft program with the selected 6 teams at the beginning of April. The teams are about to go through a development phase of 13 workshops from April to September during which they continue to work on solving one of the 4 environmental challenges chosen for the program (Waste-free office, Efficient sustainability education, Digitalization and sustainable cities and settlements, Eco-friendly food delivery), striving to find possible solutions to the issues and constructing a business plan for carrying out the above. 

Every team is accompanied by 2 mentors during the whole process, who support the work of the participants. The theoretical knowledge of the workshops comes from the educators of Ashoka Hungary and Telekom Hungary. The teams have assignments in between the workshops, in the framework of which they keep developing their own projects, building on the newly acquired knowledge. 

In the first phase of the process, the teams worked on stakeholder mapping, as well as participated in a problem framing workshop with Gábor Lévai, Corporate Partnerships colleague at Ashoka Hungary, who is one of the educators of the Green Lab program. Afterwards, the participants gained insight into research methods, as well as looked into the problem and the target group for a deeper understanding of the context of the challenge, finally concluding their results in the form of a synthesis workshop.

The next period seems just as exciting, as the teams are about to start coming up with solutions to the 4 environmental challenges, based on the outcomes of their work so far. 

The participating educators and mentors supporting the process (on the photo from the top, from left to right): 

Zsófia Villányi, Smart Solutions Product Owner (Telekom Hungary)

György Káli, Service Designer (DBB, Humanize.Studio)

András Kézai, Service Experience Designer Chapter Lead (Telekom)

Bálint Oláh, Associate Managing Consultant (Mastercard)

Judit Szántó, Service Experience Designer (Telekom Hungary)

András Péter Kovács, Family Product Owner (Telekom)

Andrea Márton, Associate Managing Consultant (Mastercard)

Gábor Lévai, Impact Expert (Ashoka Hungary)

Anna Rácz, Marketing Senior Specialist (Mastercard)

Zsolt Csókási, Journey Experience Specialist Chapter Lead (Telekom Hungary)

Imre Juhász, Service Experience Designer (Telekom Hungary)

Anna Holló, Business Designer (freelancer)

Izabell Adu, Service Experience Designer (Telekom Hungary)

Anna Zsófia Csupor, Product Developer (Telekom Hungary)


Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft is a program by Ashoka Hungary and corporate partners, Telekom, MasterCard and TMF Group, with the aim of finding solutions to specific environmental challenges.

The participants of the program are young professionals (17 to 35 years), who, during a development period of 4-5 months, together with business partners and mentors in teams of 2-5 people, develop a solution to address one of the environmental challenges chosen for the program, including constructing a full business plan. 

At the end of the program, the projects will be presented to the public in the form of a communication campaign. At the closing event, the best ideas and business plans will be awarded a cash prize as well, as decided by the jury.


Further information on the program is available here