Based on the most pressing problems currently occurring in Hungary, we formulated the specific environmental challenges with the help of our business partners. We are looking for teams who are happy to think with us about the root of the challenges and problems listed and how they can be addressed.

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How can the office be paperless so that we don’t just change the type of waste with this solution? For example, what about IT tools that need to be replaced every 2-3 years?

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How can people in Hungary be effectively educated and addressed so that they change their attitudes towards environmental protection?



How can digital technology (internet, 5G, etc.) contribute to making cities, settlements, municipalities more sustainable / greener?

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How could the problem of plastic waste caused by food delivery be reduced? Think of a solution that is affordable for the consumers, restaurants and delivery companies as well.

About the development period

In the development process from March to August, the teams are working with our business partners and mentors to develop an idea to address the environmental challenges of the program, followed by a complete business plan. The development process uses three main methods and programs, learn more about them!

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Telekom Kraft

Teams participate in Telekom’s Kraft Program, which is a multi-month intensive training course for those who are still in the idea phase of their project. Through the program, participants move from an idea phase to a ready-made pitch concept and a complete business plan.

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Impact Academy

Teams in the program are introduced to the basics of impact measurement with the help of Impact Academy experts. They get acquainted with the basic concepts of impact measurement, get an insight into why impact measurement is important, select the indicators of impact measurement and prepare the basics of the impact measurement plan.


Design Thinking

During the development process, teams learn the Design Thinking methodology through experiential learning. With the help of the Design Thinking methodology, we work together on the deeper understanding of the environmental challenges, the development of solution ideas based on this, the construction of a business plan.

Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft 2022 pilot program

At the end of the Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft 2022 pilot program's process, the participating teams finalized their project based on the Business Model Canvas during an all-day Hackathon, and prepared for the final event, where they presented their business ideas to a professional jury. 

Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft
Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft
Green Lab powered by Telekom Kraft


Do you have questions? Are you interested in the Green Lab Program? Contact us and we are happy to help.