Climate change is the world's most pressing challenge causing a wide range of unprecedent damage on humanity and nature. To preserve our Earth we need social entrepreneurs crafting innovative circular models and impactful solutions to build an inclusive and sustainable future. 

With the Impact Programme 2020, Ashoka, Accenture & ABN AMRO are co-creating a unique Belgian acceleration programme that nurtures collaboration between social entrepreneurs and business.

Through this cross-sector partnership we aim to maximise system changing impact by fostering solutions in the field of circularity and climate change.  

Therefore, we will convene 10 social entrepreneurs in the field of circularity and climate change to take part in an interactive, practical learning experience that champions collaboration, inspires innovation, and builds momentum for change.From individual coaching offered by professionals to collective seminars with experts in the field, 10 organizations tackling climate change will have the opportunity to review their business model enabling them to increase their impact and create system-change.

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In the period from March to June the participants will benefit from Accenture’s, ABN AMRO’s and Ashoka’s expertise to develop and execute a system change strategy for disruptive long-term impact through: 

  • Three Seminars based on Ashoka’s publication: “The seven key questions you should ask yourself as a social entrepreneur“ (led by subject matter experts from the partners and the Belgian eco-system on circular economy, Ashoka Fellows, business leaders and Impact Investment specialists) 

  • Intense, individual, weekly coaching by professional coaches that will support participants to structure their business model and accelerate their development.  

  • Invitations to co-creation opportunities with Accenture’s & ABN AMRO’s internationally active partners 

  • At a final pitching event, awards for the most impactful organisations containing follow-up support after the programme provided by Accenture & ABN AMRO 

Beyond this there are constant opportunities for participants to:  

  • Gain insights into thinking about impact from a systemic perspective and how to scale the participant’s impact up, out and deep. 

  • Get access to subject matter experts from ABN AMRO, Accenture & Ashoka 

  • Access to Ashoka’s global network of social entrepreneurs, many of them working on circular solutions.  

  • Connection to a European network of investors and impact funds.

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