Meet the 3rd Batch of Youth Venturers from Bangladesh

9 Young Changemakers redefining the role of youth

While most Bangladeshi teenagers their age exhaust their time in a balancing act between academics and social life, these remarkable individuals were able to go above and beyond to find time for extraordinary social work for the good of others. From fighting against child marriage to working to prevent suicide, these youth are breaking boundaries in what teenagers in this country can aspire to do.  They challenge the narrative of what young people are capable of by recognizing and tackling the social problems around them in innovative ways.

Ashoka is thrilled to formally announce the 3rd batch of Youth Venturers from Bangladesh. The multiple ways in which they demonstrate empathy, creativity, teamwork and collaborative leadership has left us in awe and full of hope.

Learn more about the Youth Venture programme and how you can support children in your own communities to #LeadYoung.