Now, value comes from contributing to and adapting to change.

In an everything-changing (and thereby causing all around to change) world, one must be a changemaker to play.

~Ashoka Founder and CEO, Bill Drayton





Much of the world is stuck in a management model that is based on teaching people specialized skills that they repeat over and over as part of rigid hierarchies.

But today, new technologies and new kinds of individual empowerment have made this old model obsolete. We are moving into a future that requires every team member to be a leader and an initiator, and where the mindset of Everyone-a-Changemaker is the main criterion for organizational success.

Ashoka is partnering with business advisers, business schools, and social entrepreneurs to advance business models that create opportunities, solve problems, and scale-up social impact by engaging individuals to their full potential.




Ashoka's Initiatives in Organizing for Changemaking



The Ashoka Globalizer

We work with changemakers around the world to identify and effectively address systemic root causes of social and environmental problems. In doing so, we activate and support a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, policy makers, foundations, academics and activists to...
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Ashoka Support Network

The Ashoka Support Network is a global community of committed leaders who share, support, and advocate for Ashoka’s values and vision, while unleashing their own potential as changemakers.
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Ashoka Executive in Residence

The Ashoka Executive in Residence program fosters high-impact collaborations between companies and leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) that have the potential to change the dynamics of traditional markets, enhance competitiveness, and create systemic social impact.
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