Brown University

Changemaker Campus
Network Member Since 2008

Brown’s open curriculum attracts students with the initiative and skill to craft their own vision of an undergraduate education, at an institution where social responsibility is central to the culture. So what results from this mix? Students whose ambition is not for their own advancement, but rather to make a difference in the world. The Howard R. Swearer Center for Public Service offers the Social Innovation Fellowship for student entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to get the training, funding, and networking support they need to lead social ventures. Social Entrepreneurs and Practitioners in Residence at the Swearer Center–and our burgeoning partnership with the Providence based Social Enterprise Greenhouse — connect students with community-based changemakers and promote a culture of collaborative learning and community impact.

Twice each academic year, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative brings to Brown’s campus a cohort of innovators in their 20’s, who are focused on social entrepreneurship and economic development, adding to the rich mix of international perspectives and issues addressed. For Brown students seeking to explore, expand, or launch ventures, the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship provides grants, as well as a summer accelerator program.