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Ana Bella
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From victims of domestic violence to empowered & empowering survivors! The progress of Ana Bella’s Covid-19 solution

This article originally appeared on Changemakers United

The number of women reporting abuse to the Ana Bella Foundation has increased by 4 times during the Coronavirus lockdown. Despite this, research shows that only 20 percent of women suffering from abuse legally report their abuser. With the many unreported cases, Ana Bella wants to convey a message of encouragement to these women to help them break free from violence. She therefore focuses on the benefits of “breaking away” instead of the dangers of remaining in an abusive relationship. By doing so, she is building on the strengths of survivors (rather than only focusing on the negative consequences of domestic violence).

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Ana Bella creates peer-to-peer support networks of women& ;survivors, who by example of their own experience of recovery, convey a positive message. Ana Bella’s model is changing the current approach of available programs and resources to better adapt to address women’s specific needs, thereby lowering the barriers to recovery.