To support the growing wave of social entrepreneurship, a group of leading organizations came together to accelerate the emergence and growth of social enterprises in Latin America. These efforts are carried out within the framework of the program "Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Latin America".

This strategic program provides social entrepreneurs with specific support at each stage of their development, including by providing funding through donations to help them focus full time on their project, developing skills to prepare for investment and achieve a systemic impact, and facilitating research and information exchange activities.

Phase I of the program was implemented from 2014 to 2018 in Central America and Latin America, with the exception of Brazil, and phase II is starting at the beginning of 2019.

Get to know the impact results and the social entrepreneurs who have been supported by this program.


Our Impact in Numbers

Social entrepreneurs in 20 Latin American Countries
People directly benefitted
$53.1 million
USD Raised in additional capital for all social entrepreneurs

Video Gallery

Check out the stories of some of the social entrepreneurs who participated in the program and the impact their projects are generating. 

Roberto Montesinos

Working to promote a new labor model in Venezuela.
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Bruno Defelippe

Helping social entrepreneurs and startups in Paraguay by creating a supportive ecosystem for innovation.
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Allison Silva

Providing free information and trainings to entrepreneurs in Bolivia.
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Peter Bloom

Working to provide better telecommunication services in Mexico
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Carola Capra

Providing trainings and networking to small business owners in Bolivia and Peru.
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Alejandro Marius

Providing educational opportunities for young people and women in Venezuela.
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Sasha Kramer

Working to create a better treatment for human waste by using it for soil fertility in Haiti.
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Juan Pablo Larenas

Building a global movement of people and businesses working to solve social and environmental issues in Latin America.
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Sebastian Salinas

Fostering entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities of Chile.
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Jose Manuel Moller

Seeking access to quality and environmentally friendly staple groceries in Chile.
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Carlos Atencio

Providing better and more accessible healthcare for all people in Venezuela.
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Emily Stone

Creating a social business model for indigenous Maya cacao farmers in Belize and Guatemala
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Conor Bohan

Transforming the university system in Haiti
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“The program made us see more clearly the social impact of our company, and the importance of our shared value model. It enabled us to think big.”

Andrés Albán
Punto Red Colombia

“The program provided deep reaffirmation of Alterna inclusion approach and where it is going. This support was very important because it challenged current paradigms and amplified our horizon in gender equity.”

Daniel Buchbinder

Social Entrepreneurs

Peter Bloom

Fellow seit Dez 2013

Sebastián Salinas

Fellow seit Jun 2015

Jose Manuel Moller

Fellow seit Mär 2014

Mabel Gisela Torres Torres

Fellow seit Jun 2017


Juan Pablo Larenas

Fellow seit Jun 2015

Alejandro Marius

Fellow seit Aug 2015

Individual Alejandro Marius

Santiago Ocejo Torres

Fellow seit Jul 2016

Salud Cercana

Lumber Andrada

Fellow seit Aug 2018


Ignacio Oliveri

Fellow seit Aug 2017


Duquesne Fednard

Fellow seit Jul 2017

D&E Green Enterprises

Albina Ruiz

Fellow seit Jan 1996

Nicolas Métro

Fellow seit Mai 2012

Morgan Guerra

Fellow seit Dez 2013

Felipe Bannitz

Fellow seit Jun 2013