The Role of Empathy in a World of Exponential Change

In a world of rapid change, society is confronted by an increasing number of complex challenges and opportunities. Ensuring solutions will outpace problems requires effective collaboration and the ability to organize into fluid teams-of-teams, where every player must be a contributor and a leader.

Effective collaboration in this environment is only possible with empathy: the ability to understand and respond to the feelings of others. In a changemaker world, empathy is as fundamental as reading, writing and math. This creates a new social imperative to ensure that every child fully develops their own innate capacity for empathy.

One hundred years ago, accelerating change had reached the point that society needed everyone to be literate. Now society needs everyone to be ready to thrive in a world of constant, rapid, exponential change as a skilled changemaker. It needs every young person, parent, and educator to grasp this new paradigm for success in growing up — and in life.

Learning to #LeadYoung

Our understanding of the changemaking power of young people comes directly from our community of 3,500 Ashoka Fellows. 55 percent of our Fellows work directly with young people, and of that group, 53 percent put young people in charge of leading initiatives and projects within their organizations. Further, almost half of our Ashoka Fellows started their first changemaker ventures before the age of 21.

Building a Networked Movement with Key Partners

At Ashoka, we are working every day to build and cultivate a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together with the Ashoka Young Changemakers and Ashoka Fellows, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. Among our key partners are Changemaker campuses, Changemaker schools and school districts, aligned youth-serving organizations, community leaders, schools of education, teachers’ unions, religious organizations, media partners, publishers, as well as businesses and government leaders.

Empathie und Jugend in Verantwortung Programme

Tauchen Sie ein in die vielfältigen Wege, wie im Ashoka-Netzwerk junge Menschen begleitet werden. Sie möchten selbst aktiv beitragen? Wir freuen uns von Ihnen zu hören!


Ashokas Changemaker (Macher der Veränderung) Schulen ermöglichen es allen Schülern Changemaker zu werden: Junge Menschen mit den richtigen Fähigkeiten und dem Selbstbewusstsein die Welt zum Besseren zu verändern.
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Ashoka Young Changemakers

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Ashoka Youth Years

Young people everywhere present an opportunity for growth and a positive impact on their communities. By working with educators, schools, parents, and companies Ashoka is creating an educational ecosystem where young people can lead and practice the four core ‘changemaker skills’: Empathy...
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Über Ashoka U

Ashoka U arbeitet mit Hochschulen und Universitäten, um an diesen eine Offenheit für soziale Innovation zu etablieren und damit einen guten Nährboden für diese. In einem begleiteten Organisationsentwicklungsprozess werden institutionelle Hürden identifiziert und überwunden, um die Aus- und...

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