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Tri Mumpini works to scale micro-hydropower and other appropriate technology systems and is providing both electricity and a source of income to hundreds of rural villages throughout Indonesia. Watch her oral history here:
Yohanes Surya's logic-rather-than-formula-based methodology for science and math education is both seeding and inspiring future generations of engineers and inventors who will be agents of change in Indonesia. Watch his oral history here:
RIPPLING presents a collection of innovative social solutions that have the capacity to "ripple" through and break down the walls of "not possible," "never been done," "can't change that," " it doesn't matter," and "not my problem" thinking. Visit to learn more about the book and the social entrepreneurs it profiles. For a limited time, if you donate $100 to Ashoka, you'll receive a copy of the book signed by author Bev Schwartz and Ashoka Founder Bill Drayton.
"TakePart travelled to the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England, to pick the brains of the world's biggest thinkers. These Innovators in Action are changing the face of the future with bold new ideas and profound enthusiasm." (source)  Bill Drayton, Ashoka’s founder, who explains the importance of teaching empathy to children—the future leaders of the world: “Everyone has to be a changemaker, because if you aren’t able to contribute to change, you’re not going to be a player.”
A group of 35 summer interns tell the story of Ashoka in their own words
Ashoka has incubated a new social enterprise, Healthpoint Services, as part of its strategy to launch transformative hybrid models to help billions of the world's poor reach full economic citizenship. Healthpoint Services leverages its innovative business model and the availability of novel technologies to deliver high quality healthcare to rural areas in India and beyond. Watch to find out more about this transformative model.
Ashoka Fellow Tri Mumpuni from Indonesia is mentioned and has her work described by President Obama at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in April 2010
Ashoka and The Lemelson Foundation convene the world's leading social entrepreneurs in invention, technological innovation, and science education in Hyderabad, India in February 2010. Produced by Cory Wilson /
Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Hilmi Quraishi and Microsoft partner to exchange knowledge, scale Hilmi's mobile inventions, and demonstrate the power of collaboration between the private and citizen sectors. Produced by Cory Wilson /
Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Hilmi Quraishi and Microsoft India's Dr. Vikas Goswami jointly introduce the video case study of their partnership at the Building Business-Social Bridges workshop session at Tech4Society. You can watch the full video case study of their work together here: