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Mithela Haque Shares the Power to Bloom

Mithela Haque experiences firsthand how many girls in Bangladesh believe that they are not very clever, not very good at science, not meant to travel abroad.

To shift these mindsets and empower fellow young women, as well as boys, Mithela founded Power to Bloom. She and like-minded volunteers work with schools in low-income communities to provide much needed spaces for adolescents to learn and share around issues that are traditionally taboo.

Ashoka Fellow Jeroo Billimoria Wins Dutch Royal Honors

Ashoka Fellow Jeroo Billimoria has received an award from the King of the Netherlands given to persons who have committed outstanding service to society. By being appointed to Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau, she now ranks  among renowned Dutch politicians, artists and scientists.

How To Build The Next Generation of India's Changemakers? Ask Ashoka Fellow, Gaurang Raval

As it stands today, half of India’s population is below the age of 25 and close to 65% below 35. That puts India firmly ahead of other Asian countries when it comes to the question of demographic dividend. Add to that, India with an average age of 29, will be the youngest country in the world by 2020.

Changemakers' Yard

Ashoka och Raoul Wallenberg Academy lanserar plattform för unga changemakers

Changemaker Camp 2018


Ashoka Scandinavia och Raoul Wallenberg Academy  arrangerar i samarbete med Mgruppen årligen Changemaker camp – ett program för dig som vill ha konkreta verktyg och inspiration att hitta det du brinner för, testa på att göra skillnad i praktiken och lära dig leda andra. Changemaker camp är öppet för dig som nyligen flyttat till Sverige och är trygg med språket, och för dig som är uppvuxen här.

How Purpose and Holistic Health are Foundational for Youth Career Development

When Esther Eshiet graduated from the University of Calabar in Nigeria, she noticed a worrying trend. One of her friends had to take the first administrative job she could find in order to support herself and her family instead of taking the time to explore a career that aligned with what she had studied in school.

Eshiet also noticed that most of her classmates were struggling to find employment because they were not able to identify their own career goals. She was concerned that the education system failed to prepare these young people to choose careers.

Youth Must be Trusted to Lead in Africa

Shootings and flying petrol bombs turned Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, South Africa, into a war zone for a week in late March 2015. Buses and taxis refused to enter the township established by the apartheid government in the 1970s. Eric Coetzee, a community leader, describes this neighborhood as "a world of gangs, violence, and poverty.” When he was young, Coetzee joined a gang for safety. But the story changed when he started as a student at RLabs. “I finally found the place where I fit in. I don’t have fear anymore,” he says.