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Ashoka Netherlands is delighted to announce the election of their latest Fellow Wietse van der Werf.  Wietse is the founder and CEO of the Sea Ranger Service, which has been established to revolutionize ocean conservation.  The organisational model combines the empowerment of unemployed youths and re-integration of navy veterans to provide a concrete solution to severe global human capacity shortages in the monitoring of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

#LeadYoung - Why Waste? Learning to See the Glass as Half Full

Garvita Gulhati, now 18, is helping students in her high school see that age is not a limit to solving problems you care about. At 15 years old, she and her friend, Pooja S. Tanawade, did just that. They started “Why Waste?,” an organization educating citizens about creative ways to reduce water waste — starting with restaurants where four million gallons of water are wasted per year in India.

Premio Creando Valor Compartido

Para celebrar 10 años de Creando Valor Compartido, Nestlé formó una alianza con Ashoka para buscar, apoyar y acelerar soluciones a los grandes desafíos en temas de água, nutrición y desarrollo rural. Esta alianza promoverá una poderosa cocreación con emprendedores sociales y profundizará el impacto social en las comunidades y beneficiarios que atienden.

Las aplicaciones para el Premio Creando Valor Compartido están abiertas para empresas sociales, sociedades comerciales y organizaciones sin fines de lucro que logran crear valor compartido en cualquier país.

#LeadYoung - Growing up in a world of change: two girls in Bangalore fighting water waste

Two girls in Bangalore saw the problem of waste around them. With inspiration and guidance from the work of Ashoka Fellow Kuldeep Dantewadia, they launched their own initiative to reduce water waste. Their story of how to #LeadYoung highlights the new way of growing up in a world of change.  It takes caring and empathy to understand issues that affect us all and teamwork and collaboration to develop solutions that resonate with everyone.