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NAMPYA FARMERS’ MARKET is a mobile-based enterprise that offers a tech-enabled sourcing and distribution platform for agricultural produce to retail outlets in urban centres.  Established in 2016, NAMPYA is operating a mobile-based, cashless and business-to-business supply for retail outlets, kiosks, stalls and restaurants. At NAMPYA, a vendor makes an order using the platform and the staff reliably showup  up to their door-step with low-cost and better quality stock than what informal markets can offer.

#LeadYoung - Ara Kusuma: Since 10 years old, changemaking for the love of cows

What if everyone grew up following their passions to change things in their communities for the better? What if we all felt supported by their families, their schools, their neighbors? Our fast changing world today demands a new set of skills: to see a problem, understand it deeply, develop a solution and form a team to make it happen. This is what Ara did from the age of 10 in Central Java, Indonesia. Her story shows how an early start at changemaking set her on a changemaking pathway for life.

In Memory of Marcelline Ouédraogo

The global Ashoka community deeply mourns the loss of Marceline Ouédraogo of Burkina Faso, founder of Groupement Férminin Songtaaba.

Elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 1996, Marceline helped transform shea butter, one of the few economic assets in Sahelian Africa controlled by women, from a less-than-subsistence, informal-sector activity into an income generating industry that advances the status of women as a driver of the formal economy.


El primer restaurante “KM 0” de la Argentina ya funciona en Necochea.

From Subsistence Farming to Fair Trade - Empowering Women in Burkina Faso: Ashoka Fellow Marceline Ouedraogo

By improving the quality of Shea Butter production in Burkina Faso, Marcelline Ouedraogo has enabled a significant increase in income to more than 3,000 women across the country. 

Le Vodafone's Farmer's Club : co-créer entre une entrepreneure sociale et une multinationale en Turquie

En Turquie, un projet de co-création entre la Fellow Ashoka Tulin Akin, fondatrice de l'entreprise sociale TABIT, et Vodafone, premier opérateur téléphonique du pays, a permis à date de donner accès à près de 280.000 petits agriculteurs à une information de qualité sur les prix du marché et les conditions météorologiques, a

¿Cómo logra la excelencia este colegio rebelde de Pirque?

Sin inspectores y con las rejas abiertas (y también los oídos), este colegio ha logrado transformar el concepto de educación y las vidas de cientos de niños que han sido marginados del sistema formal por ser considerados "difíciles", "problema" o "intratables". Nadie pudo con ellos, pero el problema no estaba en su rebeldía, sino en la manera de entenderlos. Con ese espíritu Mary Anne Müller fundó la Escuela Agroecológica de Pirque.

#LeadYoung - Sarah Toumi: plantando árboles para frenar la desertificación en las zonas rurales de Túnez

Durante su infancia, Sarah Toumi (nacida en Francia, de origen tunecino) pasó temporadas  en Túnez con sus parientes. Durante una de sus visitas, recuerda haber revelado a sus primas su sueño de convertirse en astronauta tras acabar los estudios. A continuación, les preguntó acerca de sus sueños.

#LeadYoung - Sarah Toumi: Planter des arbres, pour endiguer la désertification en Tunisie

Petite, Sarah Toumi se rendait fréquemment en Tunisie. Née en France de parents tunisiens, elle rentrait passer du temps avec  sa famille éloignée. Lors d'une de ces visites, elle se souvient d'avoir partagé avec ses cousines son rêve de devenir astronaute, une fois l'école terminée. Quand elle leur demanda à leur tour quels étaient leurs rêves, ses trois cousines répondirent qu'elles avaient arrêté l'école, faute de bus pour les y emmener.


#LeadYoung - A peer community helped Ajay find his power as a changemaker in his teens

Raised in a farming village outside of Bangalore, India, Ajay Gopi was pushed to be an electrician like his father but he knew he wanted to explore and create something new. He left home to join a “makerspace” called Project DEFY –started by 24-year-old Abhijit Sinha-- where kids were in charge of their learning to explore problems and issues they cared about.  Ajay cared most about the farmers, like those he grew up with, who had an alarming suicide rate due to drought induced debt.