Stories from Ashoka Fellows and Entrepreneurs

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The majority of Ashoka’s leading social entrepreneurs, also known as Ashoka Fellows, had their first changemaking experience before age 20.  As we explore the Fellows’ changemaking journies, we begin to see why the importance of supporting young changemaking -- indeed, the mantra LeadYoung -- serves as the guiding principle for changing the way young people grow up.

#LeadYoung - At 17, Gino Tubaro started transforming kids with disabilities into super heroes

#LeadYoung - Jeroo Billimoria: a global movement that started with a simple gesture in her teens

#LeadYoung - Robin Chase: leading one entrepreneurial coup after another, like Zipcar

#LeadYoung - Anshul Tewari Created India’s Largest Youth Media Platform at Age 17

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