Poverty Alleviation

Country: Togo

Tiyeda Abalah has laid the foundation for the revival of a creative and forward thinking agro-pastoral approach to small-scale farming in Togo and neighboring Central Sahel. Her work has been built upon the principles of organic and sustainable cultivation. With a series of critical foundation steps now in place, Tiyeda wants to take the next step in her work: To launch a Sahel-wide youth...

Country: India
Organization: Bhumi Hukka Andolan

John Abraham is leading the rural poor in Maharashtra to occupy and stake a formal claim on unused government land, with potential legal, economic, and political implications nationwide.

Country: Guatemala
Organization: Noticias de mi Gente

Luis Aguilar is reviving rural Guatemalan villages socially, culturally, and economically by creating and maintaining a platform for communication between the communities and their emigrant family members abroad. This platform also facilitates remittances to create jobs in the communities and catalyzes migrant-sponsored development projects that allow the villages to prosper from their...

Country: Bangladesh

Jamil Ahmed, a theater activist, seeks, through children’s games and simple theater performance, to help poor working children realize that their lives can be creative and meaningful, that the world is changeable, and that human beings are the ones who change it.

Country: Saudi Arabia
Organization: Glowork

Khalid Alkhudair is strengthening the role of women in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf by carving out new professional work opportunities for women and then integrating them into the workforce. 

Country: United States

Bernard Amadei is transforming the field of engineering, particularly mechanical and civil engineering, by revamping the traditional training model and establishing professional standards to integrate the field more closely with global issues such as poverty alleviation, hunger, and disease.

Country: Mexico

Beginning with Mexico City, Alicia Argüelles has designed a program to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse in schools.

Country: Colombia
Organization: Alas para la Gente

Camilo Arjona is opening the door for social development and peace building in remote areas of Colombia, many of which have no government presence, through his organization, Alas para la Gente (Wings for the People). By delivering much needed healthcare, Camilo is introducing key allies to the communities to bring more attention and resources to address the issues beyond healthcare.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Farm Shop

Madison Ayer has launched Farm Shop, a non-profit Kenyan Trust, to transform the system for delivering agricultural inputs to rural, smallholder households. Farm Shop removes barriers in the “last mile” to improve the entire system for all stakeholders: Input suppliers, distributors, agro-dealers, and farmers. To achieve this, Farm Shop helps to upgrade the operating performance of rural agro-...

Country: Mexico
Organization: GRUPEDSAC

Margarita Barney helps companies, rural communities, and societies change their perceptions about the environment and her demonstration centers increase awareness; showing the wide range of options that are compatible with their production, lifestyle habits, and the environment.  

Country: Senegal
Organization: Collectif des Femmes pour Le Developpement Intégré

Yayi Bayam Diouf is curbing illegal immigration of youth from coastal fishing communities in Senegal by engaging mothers of would-be immigrants in her anti-illegal immigration endeavors. Her organization, Collectif des Femmes pour Le Developpement Intégré (Collective of Women for Integrated Development), is engaged in a multi-pronged prevention and awareness effort to keep youths from turning...

Country: United States
Organization: DonorsChoose

Founded in 2000 to serve students in Charles Best’s New York City classroom, DonorsChoose has expanded to serve schools in six states, connecting enterprising teachers and discerning donors in an online marketplace.

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