Human Rights

Puspita Bahari

Masnu’ah is working to change the marginalization of women through her fisherwoman cooperative, Puspita Bahari. Masnu’ah’s organization gathers the community to learn about gender equality and income-generating activities; through these workshops, men and women are better able to understand the equal role of women as citizens in society.


Emad Mubarak Abd El-Raheem is introducing the concept of academic freedom as a right in Egypt. Through his work with students, professors, administrative staff, the media, and citizen organizations, he is promoting academic freedom so it can be universally guaranteed in Egyptian universities.


Javed Abidi is working to make legislative rights and economic opportunities a reality for the disabled in India. He is organizing disability groups across thematic, geographic, and language barriers to set up an informed national lobby. Simultaneously, he is establishing partnerships with business and the government to create equitable employment of the disabled.


In Uruguay, Adriana Abraham is creating an innovative and comprehensive center to combine service to street people with programs to prevent vulnerable populations from falling into this condition.


Martín Abregú is carving out a new agenda and strategy for Latin American human rights organizations. This strategy shifts both the content and form of traditional human rights work in the region from reactive to proactive, from radical strikes against disappearances, physical torture and other military crimes to deliberate use of media, lobbying, consulting and litigation tools for the...

Palestinian Territory
Stars Of Hope Society

Ola Abú Al Ghaib empowers women with disabilities and guarantees their full integration in society through access, equity, and full participation. 

Child Protection program

Maharukh Adenwalla, a lawyer, has mounted a child rights campaign through individuals, organizations, and the judicial system. She is using case law to push legislation protecting children in distress, while educating the public on legal interventions that are available to children and current inadequacies of the law that must be addressed.


Addressing the long-standing practice of black Touaregs enslaved to white Touaregs, Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat offers an alternative social system based on fraternity and shared heritage to bring the Touareg communities in northern Mali together as one. Stigma and discrimination linked to slave caste identity, coupled with the issues isolation, have made both civil society and the government slow...

El Salvador

María Eugenia Aguilar helps young Salvadoran people apply native knowledge and skills to modern business, instilling pride in indigenous culture and preserving community ties.


Armed with a formal legal education, Shakil Ahmed is making Mumbai's (Bombay) municipal government more accountable to its citizens by calling attention to the corruption and brutality that poor Indians suffer at its hands.


Shale Ahmed is working for the establishment of health and human rights for Bangladesh’s Kothi, transgender, and ‘men who have sex with men’ (MSM) communities. In a country where men with homosexual preferences and/or feminized behavior and dress are considered citizens by neither the public nor the state, Shale and his organization, the Bandhu Social Welfare Society, are providing medical...

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