Child Protection


As thousands of children migrate annually from rural India to join the millions of children working in cities, Damodar Acharya is attacking the problem by eliminating the reasons for child labor. By investing in educational opportunities and putting political power in the hands of children, rural families are discovering alternatives to migration.

Child Protection program

Maharukh Adenwalla, a lawyer, has mounted a child rights campaign through individuals, organizations, and the judicial system. She is using case law to push legislation protecting children in distress, while educating the public on legal interventions that are available to children and current inadequacies of the law that must be addressed.


Abla is creating a cadre of skilled child nutrition professionals to support mothers in the first two years of their child’s life, a critical age for cognitive and physical development, to reach optimal child nutrition in Egypt. Abla is introducing a new profession of Child Nutritional Counselors to provide valuable information and skills to mothers around the clock through new Nutrition...


Mohammad Ali quickly recovers and reunites missing children with their families through a neighborhood early warning system. He has developed a network of first-responders working in a wide variety of venues, including mosques, shops, roadside hotels, hairdressing salons, health clinics, and even among TV cable operators and the police. Mohammad then collects, prints, and disseminates...

United States

David Anderson is reducing the rate of child abuse and neglect, and keeping families intact, by providing safe and loving homes for children while their parents deal with temporary crises.

Mano Amiga

Juan Andrade has formed a grass-roots social movement to rehabilitate and empower street children and eradicate the forces that compel children to the streets.

Instituto Promundo

With a developed set of interventions to prevent violence before it ever occurs, Gary Barker is changing the culture of violence in marginalized communities in Brazil and around the world.

Lua Nova

Raquel Barros' new approach is rehabilitating young, low-income, chemically dependent mothers, an underserved population in Brazil. By allowing mothers to keep their children with them during treatment, Raquel is changing the model of drug rehabilitation into a more effective treatment which prepares women to be responsible parents, helps them find employment, and creates mechanisms for...

United Kingdom
Kids Comapny

Government service programs are failing to address the needs of the increasing number of children in the U.K. who have faced neglect or abuse. Camila Batmanghelidjh has developed a more comprehensive approach to delivering care that empowers children, families, and care professionals to work together and support the healthy development of some of the U.K.’s most disadvantaged youth.


Vicki Bernadet is bringing the issue of sexual abuse of children to the attention of Spanish society through public awareness and education. Her counseling center helps victims to break their silence and seek the support needed to recover.

Childline India Foundation

Jeroo Billimoria launched Childline, the country's first attempt at making street children's quick access to supports, such as police assistance and health care, as easy as dialing a number. Manned by street children themselves, Childline combines 24-hour emergency telephone services with follow-up support to alleviate their distress.

Riverside School

Through her education curriculum and initiatives to build a healthy relationship between students and their community, Kiran Bir Sethi is changing the experience of childhood in Indian cities. Kiran believes when children are raised in nurturing environments, they in turn, create such environments for future generations and ultimately build a culture a citizenship between children and adults...

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