Financial Services/Markets

Country: Lebanon
Organization: Zoomaal

Abdallah is creating a community movement that supports innovation across all fields of the Arab region and regardless of problem areas. He is doing this through democratizing access to seed capital for early stage Arab innovators. In doing so, Abdallah is building a bridge between Arab innovators and Diaspora as large diffused people willing to give back. He is also repurposing the aid...

Country: Spain
Organization: SocialBid

Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer has created a channel through which citizen organizations can monetize the value of in-kind donations from businesses and individuals. By leveraging Internet auction platforms such as eBay, he is reaching large numbers of citizens in a continuous and scalable way, offering them public opportunities to contribute to the citizen sector while also getting great deals on...

Country: Saudi Arabia
Organization: Glowork

Khalid Alkhudair is strengthening the role of women in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf by carving out new professional work opportunities for women and then integrating them into the workforce. 

For the past twenty-five years, Frank Altman has been transforming community development finance in the US by creating new incentives for mainstream financial institutions to funnel capital into low-income communities across the country. While Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are mandated to serve the needs of these communities, they often do not have access to the capital...

Country: Kenya
Organization: Farm Shop

Madison Ayer has launched Farm Shop, a non-profit Kenyan Trust, to transform the system for delivering agricultural inputs to rural, smallholder households. Farm Shop removes barriers in the “last mile” to improve the entire system for all stakeholders: Input suppliers, distributors, agro-dealers, and farmers. To achieve this, Farm Shop helps to upgrade the operating performance of rural agro-...

Country: Brazil
Organization: BNI

Starting at Brazil’s most prestigious business school, Felipe Bannitz has launched a nationwide initiative to integrate university resources into the social sector, providing financial and technical assistance to microentrepreneurs through the first “junior bank.”

Country: Nepal

Jagat Basnet is pursuing land reform in Nepal by linking the issue to social justice and economic freedom. Empowering and enabling poor farmers to gain access to land rights, education rights, health and basic services for social dignity, and freedom out of poverty. Jagat is changing the political, cultural, and societal environment of land reform and land access in Nepal.

Country: India
Organization: IIMPS

In response to the absence of support for the impoverished elderly in India, Gautam Bharadwaj has designed a new system that helps low-income workers financially plan for old age throughout their working lives. Gautam has created the policy and institutional architecture needed to make financial security in old age a reality for the poor. 

Country: India

Working with health insurance companies, Mukteshwari “Mukti” Bosco is establishing a comprehensive health education and health financing system that will enable the poor to access fair, cost-effective, high-quality medical treatment.

Country: United States
Organization: Urban Logic Inc, SR Bank

Despite broad recognition of the importance of sustainability, no unified measure exists to align incentives for private and public investment in long-term regional well-being. Bruce Cahan is creating a bank to pioneer new ways for markets to accurately value regional sustainability through consumer and market choices.

Country: Argentina

Marcelo Caldano has designed an alternative economic plan for poverty-stricken areas where economic participation is not always an option. The community-based participation program helps citizens effectively use local resources to meet a growing need for public services and institutions.

Country: Mexico

Isabel Cruz is expanding rural savings cooperatives in Mexico to include access to bank credit for campesinos.

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