Rural Development

Mobah Rural Horizon

Mohammed Bah Abba has invented an innovative earthenware cooling system to preserve perishable foods in developing countries with arid climates. As a Nigerian teacher, Mohammed was motivated by his concern for the rural poor and by his interest in indigenous African technology to develop practical, local solutions to rural problems. His simple and inexpensive earthenware “pot-in-pot” cooling...


Priscilla is increasing women’s productivity and engaging them in protecting the environment around them.


Through training in and support for management information systems, Jasmine Aguilar is enabling rural citizens' groups in Mexico to draw lessons from their work and develop long-term strategies by expanding their access to information about their own and one another's programs and successes.

River Research Centre

Dr. Latha Anantha is drawing from her deep understanding of complex river basin systems to apply the concept of environmental flows to river basin planning and management in India. Using the flow of the river as a reference point, she makes inter-linkages between different interventions and draws various stakeholders together to cohesively plan and manage water resources in order to strengthen...

PRECE - Projeto Educacional Coracao de Estudante

Manoel Andrade is ensuring that low-income, rural Brazilian youth receive the education they need to attend universities, become self-sufficient, and inspire future generations of students to attend school. His program focuses on strengthening rural communities themselves; creating bonds between academic institutions and students, developing forums for discussion, and transforming the way...


Salah Arafa pioneered the concept of community based participatory development in Egypt. With a focus on both rural squatter communities and on emerging desert communities (the future of Egypt), Salah’s Basaysa model combines local resources with rural civic engagement to promote social advancement and modernization while preventing the rural outflux from the villages to urban areas. Since the...

Espavé Foundation

Sergio Arango and his organization, Fundación Espavé, are developing community enterprise initiatives in Colombia’s Pacific coast region that identify latent business opportunities in these communities’ traditional use of forest resources. As a result, Espavé is achieving economic development and environmental conservation in one of the economically poorest and most environmentally rich but...

Instituto Sertão

Oscar Arruda has devised a strategy for enabling farmers in Brazil's semi-arid northeast to exploit an abundant local plant as an alternative crop that provides economic self-sufficiency in an otherwise depressed local economy.


Martin Ascacíbar is creating vibrant, profitable new businesses in rural Spain by restructuring value chains and processes related to biomass. These structures engage local small producers and businesses who then reap significant economic benefits that previously only went to larger non-resident investors and industries. The new vertically linked enterprises are accelerating rural development...


Josephina Bacarica directs an agricultural community center in Sao Paulo which promotes directed educational programs to avoid migration to the city.

Burkina Faso
Genetic Center

Leon is combatting extreme poverty and improving health levels by modernizing milk production by educating and spreading financial resources for the poorest farmers throughout Burkina Faso and neighboring countries.

Serikat Paguyuban Petani Qaryah Thayyibah

By establishing the first locally-rooted union of farmers in Central Java, Bahruddin is meeting villagers' needs for information, training, technical assistance, credit, and other services and resources.

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