We are living at the tipping point of two absolutely opposite systems: A world defined by change vs. repetition

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 12/01/13



"We all know that we are at a transition moment. We all sense that. Basically, we are moving from a world that was defined by seeking efficiency and repitition. Now, we are in a world that is not only different but it is the exact opposite game: it is defined by change...We are living at the tipping point of two absolutely opposite systems. And that has huge implications for every aspect of every person's life, for every organization, for every country, city."

Bill Drayton visited Stanford to take part in the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar series. During his talk, online at the university's Entrepreneurship Corner (E-Corner), Bill helps us see how we each can understand this new paradigm, what the future is calling for and what that means in every aspect of our lives.

He discusses Ashoka's roots as an example of entrepreneural behavior and what this transitional moment will lead for the change in the strategic environment. A key and powerful approach to dealing with this new environment is 'collaborative entrepreneurship', also a central part of the change that is taking place. Bill shares a vision for how the world can transition to a place where everyone is a contributing changemaker. Later on, Bill sits down in conversation with Stanford Professor Tina Seelig to discuss critical skills for changemakers, the possibilities for collaborative entrepreneurship, and the importance of giving yourself permission to make change.

You can learn more about this new way of thinking from this article: Growing Up: The New Paradigm and The Jujitsu of Introducing a New Mindset by By Bill Drayton