How to Change the World? Resources for aspiring changemakers

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 01/09/14

As 2014 rolls into a start, it's time to get some sources of inspiration lined up!

How to Change the World given by Wesleyan University has its origins in the Social Good Summit held at the 92nd Street Y in New York. The summit brought together some of the world's most creative entrepreneurs, writers, academics and political leaders to discuss ways innovative thinking and technology can address pressing global challenges.  Beginning from talks, panels and conversations from the summit, we will add lectures, on-line discussion groups, hangouts and readings to explore the issues in politics, technology and the environment in broader academic and historical contexts. We will then discover together what actions we can take to make a difference.  

For those looking for lessons on how to change the world from the  social sector disruptors that are reimagining and reshaping systems themselves can look to a playlist that features the TED and TEDx talks of Ashoka fellows.