Two More Great Posts in the NextBillion Special Series - And Exciting News about Tomorrow's #Socentchat!

Two More Great Posts in the NextBillion Special Series - And Exciting News about Tomorrow's #Socentchat!

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Source: Ashoka

The special series "Advancing Healthcare with the BoP" has continued on NextBillion and we are pleased to bring you two more great posts (as well as an exciting development in our #socentchat plans for tomorrow!).

The first is from our very own Chloe Feinberg, E-health Start-up Specialist with the Ashoka-incubated social enterprise Healthpoint Services. Her post, titled "Combining Facilities and Mobile Innovations to Deliver Better Care," focuses on new mobile health tools that are often not a healthcare delivery system in and of itself, but a driver within that system - increasing the knowledge, efficiency, evidence-base, user experience, and accessibility. In particular, she notes the power of these tools is optimized when linked with a facility that can incorporate them into a broader delivery model. Read the full piece here.

The second post, "Staying Out of the Medical Poverty Trap In Pakistan," is a conversation with Dr. Sania Nishtar, an adolescent golf champion who grew up to be Pakistan's first female cardiologist and now wields influence in forums from the World Health Organization to the Clinton Global Initiative. Through her organization, Heartfile, she has honed in on one critical barrier to health delivery for the poor: serious shortfalls in financing. Read the full conversation here.

Also, don't forget the live Twitter-based chat that we are hosting tomorrow from 3-5pm EST under the #socentchat hashtag. Thanks to our colleagues on the team, the conversation will now be multilingual! In real time, they will be translating the entire conversation into Spanish and Portuguese. We can't wait for tomorrow's discussion!