TEDx Makes Learning Fun

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Source: Ashoka

How to describe TEDx? Inspiring. Educational. Fun. According to the New York Times, also “sexy”. A good example encompassing all these adjectives? Ashoka and Ashoka U TEDx events!

In late September, the New York Times wrote an article about the power of TEDx, and we are thrilled that Ashoka U’s past TEDx event was mentioned. We’re proud of the events’ success and its reflection of TED values.

TEDx events began in 2009 in response to the overwhelming demand for access to TED. The TED Conference is held annually in California, attracting intellectual and inspirational heavyweights, but it is expensive and inconvenient for many to attend. TEDx events are held worldwide, thus increasing access to TED-style talks and engaging local communities. TEDx follows the TED model, sharing the elements of using “multimedia, humor and audience interaction to make lectures about serious topics inspiring and easy to grasp.”

Ashoka Youth Venture is organizing TEDxYSE: Unleashing Young Social Entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C on November 13th. The event will host eight young social entrepreneurs who will travel from across the globe to discuss their exceptional dedication to making a difference. The speakers have all channeled their commitment to social change by founding influential projects and creating avenues for lasting impact.

TEDxYSE promises to be yet another exhilarating event, making “learning and social change ‘sexy’”. In addition to the eight social entrepreneurs, actor James Cromwell will be opening and there will be musical performers, including internationally acclaimed musician and philanthropist Jourdan Urbach. Other social innovators will also be speaking, including the CEO and founder of GlobalGiving, Dennis Whittle. To top it off, there will be an inspiration hall and great free food. So don’t wait, register now!

Where: Sidwell Friends School, 3825 Wisconsin Ave, NW 
When: November 13th 2010, 9am-5:30pm