Partner with Ashoka Belgium


With its culture based around results and the entrepreneurial quality of the Social Entrepreneur Network, Ashoka makes the ideal partner for organisations in the world of business. The approach and professionalism of Ashoka is largely recognised and creates enthusiasm within the private sector. 

In more than 30 years of existence, Ashoka has developed numerous and diverse partnerships, from the pro-bono services to the strategic partnerships, all creating a shared value. 

In order to maintain its independence, Ashoka finances its activities largely through private business funds. 



1. Supporting social entrepreneurship through a foundation or a CSR department 

You can afford to:

  • Finance the selection process of Ashoka Fellows;
  • Finance the bursary of a Fellow;
  • To support the Fellows through skill-based sponsorship. 


2. Accelerating the societal approach of your business 

  • By acting internally on the support functions: CSR, communication, HR, recruitment, better integration diversity and better buying;  
  • By engaging your employees beyond the skills-based sponsorship by promoting social intrapreneurship within your enterprise and other forms of engagement with Ashoka (immersion with the Fellows for example). 

Follow the link to find out more about the example of the "Making More Health" partnership.



In addition to these partnerships, we are increasingly engaging with enterprises in creating shared value through inter-sectorial collaborations between the private, public and social sector. Ashoka is working on co-creation strategies between businesses and the social aspects to bring out hybrid business models and think in more depth about value creation. 

To resolve the biggest social problems on a large scale, creativity collective innovation and the emergence of new paradigms are needed. It is therefore about getting companies to integrate these issues in their strategy to multiply their social impact and explore other models beyond that of CSR and philanthropy. 

In this perspective Ashoka and Accenture conducted a European study with an original approach: to assess in 6 key sectors the needs of the vulnerable population and to break down barriers and obstacles in order to satisfy those needs. 

There is a real opportunity for enterprises to better serve the poor in Europe by developing new products and services, and innovative partnerships with creators of economic value and social impact. 

To find concrete examples of co-creation and for more information on their implementation, visit this Ashoka Centre link.