Corruption No More

Read about Ashoka's Corruption No More initiative in this document that focuses on (1) the power of shining a light into corruption’s dark places, (2) changing the economic incentives, and (3) loosing antibodies against corruptors (e.g., the Mafia).

Suddenly, over the last few years, hundreds of millions who long accepted corruption as a given stood up and are insisting on corruption no more. They have impeached presidents (two so far in Brazil ), upended legislatures (winning 67 of 70 seats in Delhi), and given everyone digital tools to nail those who have long exploited them. Political leaders have to respond — hence India’s Prime Minister just killing the 500 and 1000 rupee notes because that’s where much of the black economy has been hiding.

This is a revolution. It is also another proof that the world has entered the final tipping zone to the far, far better “everyone a changemaker” world that is Ashoka’s goal. Here everyone has their power, everyone is a giver.

This revolution’s roots lie in social entrepreneurship and Ashoka — going back decades.Ashoka has been fighting corruption always.

Every Ashoka Fellow says, “no,” often when doing so is hard, day in and day out. That’s what “ethical fiber”, one of Ashoka’s four criteria, means.

Moreover, Fellows everywhere are enabling others to find their power and therefore also to stand up.

And Fellows and the Ashoka community have steadily been building the movement that is now cresting. They have built the tools, the global connections, and a new mindset.