Ashoka’s Globalizers are Scaling-up Mobile Technology Solutions to Reach 7 Billion

There is nothing more powerful than pattern-changing ideas in the hands of leading social entrepreneurs (as Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton reminds us). The greatest challenge in today’s rapidly changing world is figuring out how to scale-up these good ideas.

To discover disruptive innovations with great potential for impact, Ashoka held its fourth Globalizer Summit in Munich, Germany January 20th and 21st 2012. The three-day Globalizer Summit brought together 30 entrepreneurs on the cusp of global leadership—each standing behind powerful proposals for social change—in order to refine and reinforce their innovative ideas so they are better able to tackle the challenge of scale-up.


What sorts of solutions were dreamed, discussed, and debated at the Munich Globalizer Summit? Why is it so important that these projects become global?

To find answers to those questions and more, meet three of Ashoka’s Globalizers:

1) Rikin Gandhi talks about his Digital Green network and mobile technology

2) Mike Feerick describes the online education project ALISON and mobile technology

2) Rodrigo Baggio discusses Centers for Digital Inclusion and mobile technology