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Totruly make positive change, philanthropists need to think at the systemic level. This message is growing more mainstream, yet behavior within donor institutions hasn’t changed much. How do we create new norms to move from ambition to action?

Ashoka, Chandler Foundation, and Geneva Global hosted a series of global conversations with philanthropists and social entrepreneurs aimed at answering this question. During an action-focused discussion on February 3 led by Sadaf Cameron (Kindle Project), Aidan Eyakuze (Twaweza Ni’ Sisi), Tim Hanstad (Chandler Foundation), and Pia Infante (Trust-Based Philanthropy Project), participants wrestled with the cultural as well as the practical “nuts and bolts” changes needed. Here are five take-aways.

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Ashoka insight

1. We shouldn’t expect philanthropists to magically embrace this new mindset.
2. The social sector lacks the forces to shake things up.
3. Program officers might be part of the problem.
4. Innovations in grantmaking are emerging, but need to take root.
5. Proximity to the problem matters.