The Emmy Award-Winning Film “The New Environmentalists”

Ursula Sladek: 2011 Goldman Prize winner, Germany Environment activist nuclear ews renewable energy solar

The “The New Environmentalists” film series features portraits of six social innovators “who have placed themselves squarely in harm’s way to battle intimidating adversaries” in the fight for environmental justice. The innovators, including two Ashoka Fellows, are this year’s winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, known as the “Nobel Prize of the environmental world.”

This year’s class of Goldman Environmental Prize winners include Zimbabwe’s Raoul du Toit, El Salvador’s Francisco Pineda, Russia’s Dmitry Lisitsyn, and Hilton Kelley from the United States.

Two Ashoka Fellows were also honored as Goldman Prize winners: Fellow Ursula Sladek, who created Germany’s first cooperately-owned renewable power company, and Prigi Arisandi, who launched an initiative to stop industrial waste from polluting the Surabaya River, which runs through Indonesia’s second-largest city and provides drinking water to three million people.

Watch overviews of their films below: 

Ursula Sladek - The Grid

Prigi Arisandi - The River of Dreams