Changemakers unite for education systems-change at #Exchange2017

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Change and disruption are the only constants in the world right now. In such historic times, how are we cultivating an ecosystem where youth, parents, educators and companies can tip systems towards valuing the development of empathy, collaboration, new leadership, and creative problem solving in an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world?

One way is plugging into a collaborative network of innovators and leaders.

Hundreds of education pioneers, university leaders,  foundations, and social entrepreneurs will come together at the annual Ashoka U Exchange this week in Miami. Also happening in Miami is a 'K-12 Education Forum' hosted by Ashoka’s Start Empathy.

Our team at Youth Venture, along with valuable partners ( from School Districts, Schools of Ed,  and the private sector), will lead a number of sessions on how to unlock spaces for young people to master changemaker pathways and thrive in this historic moment of constant global change.

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Ashoka U #Exchange2017 | 2-4 March, 2017 | Site:

On Twitter, follow @Youth_Venture, or, our team member Mentor Dida ‘@Rotnemadid’ for Live updates!


Erasing Barriers for Collaborative Changemaking | Friday, 3 March | 2:00-3:30PM EST

Hosted by: Making More Health partner Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka’s Youth Venture

The interplay between young Changemakers, corporate and university sectors can influence the trajectory of students, societies, the advancement of communities, and the health of our planet. Co-facilitators will engage participants in an interactive workshop where both participants and facilitators will collaborate to problem-solve barriers to fostering changemaker spaces on campus and in company headquarters. The session will convene our corporate partner on Making More Health--the global healthcare company, Boehringer Ingelheim-- and university leaders and young changemakers from across the country!

Other sessions led by Youth Venture at #Exchange2017 include...

Journey of a Changemaker: Student Peer to Peer Allies

Bring your hearts and minds because together we are going to design the ultimate peer to peer methodology to inspire students to start and advance in the Changemaker Journey. In this session, you will find out about the research conducted by Ashoka’s Youth Venture, together with Ballard Center at Brigham Young University, to identify significant patterns in a young Changemaker’s journey. The Journey contains 6 stages, and for each stage we will design the necessary experiences that students can create for other students to start and advance as Changemakers.

Student Driving Institutional Change

Join us in this session to understand the student perspective on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to empowering students to succeed and to be able to influence their peers. This session will be filled with insights into the challenges, solutions, and best practices that our panel of student leaders will share.


K-12 Education Forum #ChangemakerEd | 2-4 March, 2017 | Site:

Follow live updates on Start Empathy’s Facebook page, or @Ashoka on Twitter! Also follow Ashoka Youth Council rep--and founder of My Name My Story-- @aadodani on Twitter with the hashtag #AshokaYCouncil. Start Empathy will post live updates through the 3 day Education Forum.

In line with this vision, the 2017 Forum will bring together a diverse community of leaders from Schools of Education and school districts as well as teachers, administrators, philanthropists, and influencers in national education networks. The group will spend three intense days uncovering ways to collaborate and amplify each other’s impact as we work to build a movement of changemaker education where teachers are supported as drivers of change.


Our own youth leader Amit Dodani, representative of the U.S. Ashoka Youth Council, will give a keynote speech on how to support young changemakers and what some their needs are. Amit will be joined by:

-David Bornstein, Founder and CEO, Solutions Journalism Network - Ashoka Fellow

-Greg Van Kirk, Leadership Group Member, Ashoka’s Empathy Initiative - Ashoka Fellow