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Changemaker Playbook
Fonte: Henry De Sio

Changemaker in the mirror: Equipping ourselves for a new game

This article originally appeared on innoFaith

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel grows brighter, many are asking what the world will look like when we finally emerge. Bruised and battered, grateful we have survived, grieved by those we lost along the way, relieved to return to community, angry about inequities, uncertain about how quickly jobs will return and what they might look like. How will this year have changed us? And perhaps more importantly, how will it have better equipped us for change?

Even before the pandemic abruptly disrupted the entire planet all at once, our world had become a place of constant change and accompanying uncertainty. It’s a new game, different than the one many of us have been taught to play - the one that plotted a linear path from education to job to career. And to power, for those with sufficient privilege and ambition to land in positions of leadership. The game has changed, and how we equip ourselves for it is the question at the heart of a new book by Henry De Sio, Changemaker Playbook: The New Physics of Leadership in a World of Explosive Change. Hint: everyone leads.

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De Sio shows us what it takes to lead today: “an innovative mind, a service heart, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a collaborative outlook.”

“The new game is here, and we all need to jump in. That means nothing less than redesigning education, governance, how we run our organizations, and how we live and work together to accommodate a new reality. Changemakers can’t function in the old system, and the old system can’t accommodate everyone as a changemaker. To benefit from the new system that is emerging, we have to correct social imbalances and let go of vestigial attachments to the old system and the old mindsets it was founded on. We need social attitudes that recognize and value changemaking and embrace the capacities and structures that enable it.”