Rameez Alam

Funcionário(a) Ashoka
Change Manager, Fellowship

Rameez believes the mysteries of human nature can be uncovered by studying history and philosophy. Berger’s “Hold Everything Dear”, Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, Harari’s “Sapiens” are some of the books that have unlocked these mysteries for him. His desire to see people living more responsbiliyt, and understanding the full impact of youth on society encouraged him to work with Ashoka Fellow, Ashraf Patel’s organization, Pravah, from 2008 until July 2017, building journeys for young people to find their purpose. After riding his motorbike through the Himalyaas for a month he is now with us to create journeys for Ashoka Fellows. Rameez listens and keenly observes everything around and about him, like a fly ion the wall, but will only tell you what he’s thinking if you ask.

And, he swears he could have been a vegetarian if Biryani had never been invented, but alas!