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Amina Evangelista Swanepoel

Ashoka Fellow since ago 2017


Amina Evangelista Swanepoel is dramatically changing the lives of women and youth in the Philippines by confronting the deep-rooted culture of stigma and misinformation surrounding reproductive and sexual health. By implementing an approach that prioritizes empowerment and community wellbeing, Amina...

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Yorgui Teyrouz

Ashoka Fellow since jun 2017


Yorgui is creating and growing a nation-wide citizen-based movement that is able to systemically build peace through the mobilization of blood donors across Lebanon.

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Inna Hudaya

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017


Inna serves the hidden population of Indonesian women who are pregnant but can not easily obtain information or see a doctor because of social and legal barriers.

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Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017


Benjamin shifts the medical investment to a more preventive approach by pioneering a new primary care model that completely reshapes the way general practitioners practice and are organized in France. Mobilizing a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers and organization experts, he manages to...

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Candice Lys

Ashoka Fellow since abr 2017


Candice Lys is cultivating a new generation of young leaders through a novel form of public health education that encourages expression through the arts. In doing so, Candice supports historically marginalized and isolated communities to address deep seeded challenges through evidence-based holistic...

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Joost Van Engen

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2016


By innovating a truly sustainable supply chain including the last-mile that is independent of national healthcare systems, Joost van Engen is creating sustainable access to essential medicines, hygiene products and supplements for low income families in remote areas, while at the same time providing...

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Megan Mukuria

Ashoka Fellow since ago 2014


Megan founded Zana Africa to ensure that young girls are able to navigate with dignity their puberty years and accompanying challenges related to changes in their reproductive health by providing access to quality hygiene products, particularly underwear and sanitary pads, as well as creating safe...

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Judi Aubel

Ashoka Fellow since out 2012


Judi Aubel is improving the lives of women, children and families by empowering grandmothers, an abundant and underutilized cultural resource, to catalyze change in socio-cultural norms related to many issues, including girls’ education, early and forced marriage, teen pregnancy, female genital...

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Raquel da Silva Barros

Ashoka Fellow since dez 2000


Suely Carvalho Neves

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1991