Globalizer on Health and Lighting in Netherlands- "Innovating for Sustainable Communities"

Globalizer on Health and Lighting

What is the Globalizer?

Ashoka and the Philips Foundation collaborated to scale the impact of social entrepreneurs by “Innovating for Sustainable Communities”. Together they launched a 6-month accelerator programThe Globalizer on Health and Lighting, which focused on helping 12 leading social entrepreneurs scale their innovations.

These innovations include sustainable solutions that improve access to health and access to solar technology for last mile communities globally. Examples include Joost van Engen (Healthy Entrepreneurs), Ashoka Netherlands Fellow elected in 2016 and Abu Musuuza (Village Energy), Ashoka East Africa Fellow elected in 2014.

The Globalizer program provided these social entrepreneurs with the strategic resources they need to rapidly and effectively accelerate their impact. They were matched with global business leaders and consultants who help them develop their scaling strategies during the last 4 months.

What was the Summit about?

The highlight of this 6-month collaboration was a three-day Summit from 18 to 20 October 2016 in Eindhoven. Day 1 was a hands-on, co-creation public event focused on connecting the Globalizer social entrepreneurs and other key players in the field to work directly on the challenges they are facing, and together with other experts, build solutions and strategies to get there.

On Day 2, each social entrepreneur showcased their impact strategies and received further guidance, input and advice from both Philips and non-Philips senior industry experts.  In addition, leading business entrepreneurs offered strategic support to further refine their strategies, work out key challenges, and open doors

You can read more about our event and Globalizer fellows here: