Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2020

About Bashar

Bashar is working towards combating the adverse effects of climate change by enabling more people to become Green Warriors.

Bashar heard from his professor that Bangladesh is considered to be especially vulnerable to climate change, with one-third of the population at risk of displacement because of rising sea-levels by 2050. Recognizing the urgency of the issue, Bashar, along with his friends, launched GREEN, an initiative that raises awareness about climate change. The team aims to inspire more responsible 'Green Warriors' to work towards protecting the environment. GREEN organizes educational sessions at local primary schools around topics like tree plantation, recycling and reusing, consumption of plastics, and carbon emissions. Through awareness, they hope to spark action. After an information session, the team then engages these young individuals in tree planting drives in their local neighbourhoods. They have distributed nearly 1,000 plants and conducted workshops for over 100 primary school students. With a core team of 30 highly motivated students and 120 registered volunteers, the team is planting trees, and is changing mindsets around environmental protection and the urgency of climate change.