Have a Question for the President? Today is Your Day to Ask It!

Today at 4pm President Obama will be speaking with over 250 Youth at Washington, DC's youth town hall. The President will answer questions from the audience in the studio as well as from you! Here is what you can do NOW:

1) Tune into the Conversation: You can watch live on Centric, mtvU or Tr3s channels. Or catch the online livestream at MTV.com.

2) Ask a Question: submit your questions for the President via Twitter Tracker(#ask). So far he's received 98,491 tweets!

3) Keep an eye out for Youth Venture's special surprise: At some point during the town hall meeting President Obama is going to tell everyone the amazing story of an awesome YV'er (featuring Pitbull, no jokes)! We can't reveal all yet. But tune in now to find out more!

Originally posted by Ashoka's Youth Venture on blog.youthventure.org.

This article was originally published on October 14, 2010
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