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Become an Ashoka Youth Venturer


We are thrilled to announce that Ashoka Bangladesh is looking for the fourth cohort of Youth Venturers.

We are searching for a teenager who demonstrates the core changemakers skills while incubating an idea, taking initiative, and cultivating positive change through collaboration.

Every Young Filipino a Changemaker

“We prepare our students for jobs and careers, but we don’t teach them to think as individuals about what kind of world they would create.”

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Ashoka Global Academy Member

Mithela Haque Shares the Power to Bloom

Mithela Haque experiences firsthand how many girls in Bangladesh believe that they are not very clever, not very good at science, not meant to travel abroad.

To shift these mindsets and empower fellow young women, as well as boys, Mithela founded Power to Bloom. She and like-minded volunteers work with schools in low-income communities to provide much needed spaces for adolescents to learn and share around issues that are traditionally taboo.

#LeadYoung - Why Waste? Learning to See the Glass as Half Full

Garvita Gulhati, now 18, is helping students in her high school see that age is not a limit to solving problems you care about. At 15 years old, she and her friend, Pooja S. Tanawade, did just that. They started “Why Waste?,” an organization educating citizens about creative ways to reduce water waste — starting with restaurants where four million gallons of water are wasted per year in India.

Meet the 3rd Batch of Youth Venturers from Bangladesh

While most Bangladeshi teenagers their age exhaust their time in a balancing act between academics and social life, these remarkable individuals were able to go above and beyond to find time for extraordinary social work for the good of others. From fighting against child marriage to working to prevent suicide, these youth are breaking boundaries in what teenagers in this country can aspire to do.  They challenge the narrative of what young people are capable of by recognizing and tackling the social problems around them in innovative ways.

Basit Jamal: Stories for Inclusive Islam

The world is seeking solutions to curb radicalisation of Muslim youth, a space where Delhi-born Ashoka Fellow Basit Jamal has made remarkable headway in India. Through a powerful storytelling platform, Jamal has created a space within conservative Muslim circles to promote a non-violent and inclusive interpretation of the Quran. He has reached more than 10,000 youth so far and has enabled each one of them to become ambassadors of change within their communities.

Meet the 8th Batch of Youth Venturers from India

While the norm is to focus on academics, these teenagers are looking beyond their textbooks. From innovating an alternative cooking fuel to digitising the football scouting process to make it equitable, these teenagers are changing the narrative of what youth in this country aspire for. They recognise the social and environmental problems around them and find intriguing ways to solve them. Never again, can we doubt the capability of the youth to challenge patterns and change narratives.

#TMoChangemaker Challenge: Why You Should Apply to Kickstart your Changemaker Ideas Today

The journey of change usually starts with curiosity. At any moment of our lives, we can let fear and self-doubt allow the story to stay the same or unlock passion and creativity to transcend challenges. Already through the  first ever Ashoka and T-Mobile #TMoChangemaker Challenge, we are seeing young leaders across the country share how they overcoming fear through their own passion and creativity.