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Eligibility & Criteria

Am I eligible? If the answer is yes to the following, we would love to consider your application:

  • Are you a young person between the ages of 14-18 in the United States?

  • Have you leveraged STEM to address a problem you care about in your own community or a community to  which you have a personal connection?

  • Did you put your idea into action at least 3 months ago?

#LeadYoung - Malcolm Asher: Making hospitals more friendly for youth

Starting with a pack of art supplies, Malcolm and his team launched a nonprofit and global movement to change how kids experience hospitals through art

What Leading Social Entrepreneurs Are Telling Us

After running one of the largest and most diverse studies of system changing entrepreneurs ever collected this past spring, Ashoka now has the data to show that Kritaya and Christoph are not anomalies — nearly half of Ashoka Fellows had their first changemaking experience before the age of 21.

Emerging Insights 2018: Youth

With 1.8 billion people, 25% of the total global population, between 10 and 24, strategizing a better future for young people is of utmost importance. Our Fellows this year are helping to resolve the youth paradox by recognizing the importance of personalized and local context in facilitating opportunities for young people to lead.


Ashoka Brasil lança movimento para reconhecer adolescentes e jovens em 2019

Em 2018, a Ashoka Global lançou um movimento para buscar jovens que já encontraram seu poder para criar mudanças para o bem de todos e que estão engajando seus pares. 13 jovens nos EUA e Indonésia já estão cocriando um mundo de pessoas que transformam, são os Ashoka Young Changemaker. Confira aqui as histórias dos jovens reconhecidos em 2018 (em inglês). 

LeadYoung - Josh Kaplan: A teenager who wants to ensure everyone is a player in Phoenix, Arizona

Teamwork is critical in order to be effective in a world that is changing fast. In order to succeed, every team must ensure that every player is contributing. Josh’s story is a wonderful example on how every young person is empowered to be a player and learns how to create change for the good of all.

#LeadYoung - Chirag Vedullapalli: Channeling kids’ passions and talents into impact in Seattle, Washington

Chirag’s story shows how to channel the passions and talents of young people into positive social change.

#LeadYoung - Peyton Klein: Creating a two-way stream of inclusion and cultural understanding

Change is happening all around us, all the time. How do we face it? Are we afraid or do we see new possibilities? When new immigrant and refugee students started coming to her school, Peyton Klein saw the possibility for mutual learning and support.

#LeadYoung - Joshua Williams: Supporting people experiencing homelessness and poverty

Joshua’s story is more than the story of one young person leading young. It is the story of creating a culture for all youth to be changemakers. It is the story of creating a culture and a pathway to help thousands of young people know they have the power to change the world.