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Portrait - Nolwenn Febvre : « J’ai vu s’illuminer le visage des enfants hospitalisés »

Il y a quelques années, Nolwenn Febvre a failli raccrocher sa blouse blanche : elle ne supportait plus d'entendre pleurer les enfants hospitalisés.

Martin Aufmuth - OneDollarGlasses

Teacher Martin Aufmuth invented a machine in his laundry room that can make a complete pair of eyeglasses in twelve minutes. His organization, OneDollarGlasses (ODG), uses this “portable optician’s workshop” to train communities to produce customizable eyeglasses, circumventing the traditional provider-patient model and affordability challenges that keeps glasses out of reach for so many people around the world.

When You Burn Out While Changing the World

Many social entrepreneurs experienced trauma early in life, which motivated them for social causes. These experiences can –  especially in the early phase –  provide a positive impetus. Over time, however, the personal shadows can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that is exacerbated by the “normal” challenges of the social sector, such as high financial pressure and persistent social grievances.

Find a Better Balance with Our Tips for Digital Wellbeing

To get the word out about healthy habits, we created a new series of Digital Wellbeing videos as part of Google’s Digital Workshop. Each video encourages you to think about how you use technology and suggests ways to find the right balance for you. Because Digital Wellbeing means something different for each of us, we’ve partnered with a team of psychologists, anthropologists and mindfulness experts.

The Inner Path to Become a Systems Entrepreneur

A growing body of evidence suggests the inner qualities of a systems change leader can be cultivated through a focus on inner wellbeing and self-awareness. This link between inner work and social impact is something that is being explored by The Wellbeing Project, a coalition of organizations learning about this together.