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#LeadYoung - Malika Rawal: Co-leading sanitation initiatives from North Carolina, US to West Bengal, India

When visiting India, and more precisely the villages her parents grew up in, Malika was struck by the spread of disease and poor sanitation in that community. 

Hilmi Quraishi: Improving Health for Millions with Mobile Phones

It began with the game of cricket and cell phones. Hilmi Quraishi recognized that together, cricket— the most popular sport in India—and cell phones, in the hands of 650 million Indians, could become a powerful health tool.

In 2005, this observation led him to develop “Freedom HIV/AIDS.” A set of games rooted in cricket that pass information about AIDS via cell phones to subscribers saw more than 10 million unique downloads within the first year.

Candice Lys: Arctic Sex-ed with an Artsy Twist

Candice Lys is a newly appointed (2017) Canadian Ashoka Fellow, being recognized for her innovative approach to teaching sexual and mental health education to young Indigenous teens, starting first young women and recently expanding to include young men. She uses the arts to encourage a creative, ‘out of the box’ approach to learning about their bodies, relationships with others, and to be leaders in their communities. 
Ashoka: How did you discover this approach?  

#LeadYoung - Simon Stumpf on early changemaking: "In the world today, we will all be called upon to lead at some point"

Simon Stumpf, Director of Ashoka’s Fellow selection program in the U.S., shares how he seized his own opportunity to lead as pre-teen when family circumstances demanded and how he didn’t stop there.  As a parent today facing a world of great change and challenges, he shares his thoughts on what it will take to have his own children LeadYoung.

In Memory of Basil Kransdorff

Basil Kransdorff #2


The global community of Ashoka deeply mourns the loss of Basil Kransdorff  founder of Econocom Foods, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Basil's Innovative approach influenced Ashoka’s Nourishing Schools Program