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Stronger together: Sisters Shreya and Sahana encourage resilience and independence for girls in Charlotte, North Carolina

 Ignited by a family history of changemaking, Shreya and Sahana embark on their own changemaking journey to change the landscape of economic mobility in their hometown for young women and girls. 

Ashoka Fellow Sakena Yacoobi Awarded World Citizen Educator Award

Ashoka Fellow Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, an Afghan educator who braved the threat of the Taliban to bring education to girls was awarded the TRT World Citizen Educator Award at the TRT World Forum

Yacoobi, who set up 80 secret schools for 3,000 girls in the country, was recognized for her outstanding work at the World Citizen Awards in Istanbul on October 5, 2018.

This 16-Year-Old Ashoka Youth Venturer Is Helping Solve Critical Needs Of Schools

Isana Nambiar has always been a great fan of female entrepreneurs, following the stories of many. Her favourite TED talk, “Programming your Mind for Success” by Carrie Green, has been big inspiration for her. With someone as passionate about entrepreneurship as she is, it is no surprise that at age 16, Isana has already started her own initiative and is currently in the process of building HelpEd, an online tool that will connect government schools lacking resources to donors willing to provide for their needs.

Candice Lys: Arctic Sex-ed with an Artsy Twist

Candice Lys is a newly appointed (2017) Canadian Ashoka Fellow, being recognized for her innovative approach to teaching sexual and mental health education to young Indigenous teens, starting first young women and recently expanding to include young men. She uses the arts to encourage a creative, ‘out of the box’ approach to learning about their bodies, relationships with others, and to be leaders in their communities. 
Ashoka: How did you discover this approach?  

#LeadYoung - Jeroo Billimoria: um movimento global que começou com pequena ideia na adolescência

Empreendedora social reconhecida por articular grandes parcerias globais, Jeroo Bilmoria iniciou seu trabalho com crianças de rua em Mumbai. Depois de distribuir o número de seu telefone para que elas ligassem em caso de emergências, o aparelho começou a tocar todas as noites.

Desse ato de carinho, e da identificação de uma necessidade sistêmica, nasceu o Childline. Qualquer criança de rua poderia ligar para um número gratuito e ser atendida por outra criança de rua, treinada e solidária. E assim, em breve, a ajuda estaria a caminho.