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Giant Rats put Noses to Work on Africa's Land Mine Epidemic

Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens' organization, APOPO, trains HeroRats (giant pouched rats) to detect landmines in Africa. Bart is also employing their superb noses to detect tuberculosis. 

Federal Government opens its eyes to social innovation in the citizen sector

Yesterday at a press conference honoring Congresswoman Betty McCollum a legislative act was introduced that could shift the way government interacts with and supports social innovations.

Conversation with Ashoka Globalizer Fellow Estela Villareal

We recently spoke with Ashoka Fellow Estela Villareal.  Estela is one of our Fellows from Mexico and also a 2010 Ashoka Globlizer Fellow. Estela uses public recreational spaces to facilitate interaction between disabled and non-disabled youth to promote mainstream integration for people with special needs.