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    First Ever Framework For Philanthropic Sector To Address Risk


    New York, NY – January 18, 2017.

    Understanding the Impact of Social Entrepreneurs: Ashoka's Answer to the Challenge of Measuring Effectiveness


    The article begins with an overview of recent trends in social entrepreneurship and select milestones in performance measurement in the U.S.

    Massimo completely reframes the rules in which soccer is played to promote empathy, team-work, inclusion and leadership in young people and adults, in a way that appeals to everyone playing soccer—from professional soccer players to children with a wide range of talents, in every context.

    Harnessing StarPower for Social Change


    Adam says, 'The Glam Nation Tour is all bout LOVE, so let's LOVE on some classrooms and help them get their glam on!'

    Fathers: Levers for Change


    How three Ashoka Fellows are empowering a generation of changemaker dads

    Business Best Practice: A Gallery


    Whether you are running a social enterprise or more traditional business, the challenges in selling products or services are similar acr

    John Kluge Talks 'Charity And Philanthropy For Dummies'


    John Kluge is co-founder and chief disruption officer of Toilet Hackers (@toilethackers), a US-based nonprofit accelerating access to improved sanitation for the 2.5 billion people without a toilet. Ashoka picked his brain in the following interview.

    In The Quest To Make A Difference, 'A Path Appears' by Nicholas Kristof and Cheryl WuDunn


    "Everyone wants to "make a difference" but with an overwhelming array of charitable causes and organizations, the quest

    Salesforce Takes on LGBTQ Rights: Would the World Change if All Companies Got Behind a Social Issue?


    What role should businesses play in social change? In political advocacy? Is it okay for corporations to take a public stand, as Salesforce has and does, on issues like equal pay for women or LGBTQ rights? What do these actions signal about the future of corporate giving?