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    Everything You Change Changes Everything


    It’s time for a reality check.

    The Burnout Phenomenon


    There is a point in an entrepreneurial venture when the adrenaline starts to run out. You finally begin to feel the exhaustion that has been creeping up on you for many years. Your energy runs out and you need to get recharged.

    Burnout is incredibly common in the world of entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

    Erick van der Laat, Western Union & Ella Peinovich, Soko: Leading a Start-Up into a New Stage of Growth


    Erick van der Laat, Vice President of Accounting for Western Union Costa Rica, believes, “There is this big quota of responsibility that we all have, the workforce in the marketplace. Regardless of station, we have a responsibility to help make the world a better place.” Because of this belief, and his stellar leadership skills and learning agility, he was chosen to participate in the Executive in Residence program, an established program in partnership with Ashoka.

    The European Social & Business Co-creation Competition


    In 2014, Ashoka and its partners the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Fondation Guilé, DPD and Boehringher Ingelheim launched an unprecedented online collaborative competition - the Social & Business Co-creation: Collaboration for Impact - to source, highlight and catalyze innovative co-creation projects in Europe, led by social-mission organizations, traditional businesses and public institutions.

    Build Relationships


    (Hint: Differences are a good thing.)



    Duke University's Robert Thompson explains the intersection between empathy, creativity, and

    Fill your teammates' emotional tanks


    Winning requires not just playing at your best, but helping your teammates play better too, s

    Reflect within. Listen without.


    Our social systems often encourage us to suppress our innate capacities for empathy.

    Flatten hierarchy


    Empathy is a lifestyle, not an event, says Ashoka Fellow and Founder of Threshold Collaborative Alisa Del Tufo