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    Gary Cohen has assembled an international coalition that is transforming the global health sector by reducing health industry practices that harm the environment and contribute to disease.

    Lane Benjamin has started a volunteer-led program to counsel victims of trauma and to reduce violence in the urban townships of South Africa, where youth violence is an epidemic.

    Dean Peacock is challenging entrenched gender inequality in South Africa by engaging men as change agents to tackle health and violence issues that stem from the way they relate to women and, in doing so, is building a broad civic movement to re-shape the framework of manhood in Africa.

    Sharon Levy (South Africa 1996) is establishing "The Teacher", a newspaper by and for teachers that will keep the profession informed of changing state policies, innovative teaching methods, organizations and resources available to teachers, and debates concerning teaching and learning.

    When children are removed from fractured families and sent into foster care, siblings are often separated and lose touch with each other. Lynn Price is reuniting siblings, nurturing their relationships, and changing the way siblings are supported by foster and adoptive parents, the child welfare system, and communities.

    Through an approach called restorative justice, former probation officer Mike Batley is shifting the focus of the South African justice system from punishment and onto addressing harm and the root causes of crime.

    In South Africa's Eastern Cape province, Lesley Ann Foster (1996) is engaged in pioneering efforts to develop much-needed services for women and girls who are the victims of domestic violence and abuse. She is also pursuing a carefully conceived, complementary campaign to raise awareness of the problem and actions needed promptly throughout South Africa.

    Trade unionist Lydia Ngwenya, returning to her rural roots, created the Rural Women's Movement to develop gender consciousness among women, men and youth and to advance issues critical to very poor rural women, including land and water ownership and access, housing, and participation in village decision-making bodies.

    David Domenici is creating a broad system of supports to give high-risk urban youth the educational, economic, and emotional tools they need for success.

    Paul Rieckhoff is building a new type of veterans organization to meet the needs of a new generation of returning soldiers, nurture their leadership potential, and transform the national conversation around veterans issues and combat.